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Permanent Makeup


Microblading is a very delicate technique, filling in the bald spots with strokes that mimic hair, that will give very natural results!
This technique is recommended for clients with bald spots and have normal to dry skin. Clients with sensitive skin, bruise easily and bleed easily are not good candidates for microblading. Microblading is considered semi-permanent makeup and not a tattoo due to the durability and ink composition.

Oily skin: 6 months ( Microblading is not recommended for those with very oily skin.)
Normal skin: 12 to 18 months
Dry skin: 2 years

Fusion iBROWS

Microblading at the beginning of the brow and powdered at the tail.
This technique provides a very natural, sexy and sophisticated look!
Good for all skin types and ages!

Powered BROWS

The powdered eyebrows have a very soft and sophisticated look!
It is the makeup effect, giving the powdered finish appearance. This technique can be designed to your style, some may want more soft and light, others may want darker and more defined! We will guide you to a style that better enhances your looks and lifestyle.
Good for all skin types and ages!

Overall, it is a great technique for all skin types, take into consideration oily skin will always have less durability, most clients last 2 to 3 years.

Kissable Lips or Lip Tinting

Permanent Makeup for your lips.
This technique enhances and brings back the natural pinkish color of your lips, giving the appearance of plump and healthier lips. Over time our lips lose that vibrance and this technique brings it back!
Color choices are available from natural to makeup effect!

Eyebrow Shaping

At iBROWS & MORE all eyebrow shapings are mapped before any hair is removed as this provides accuracy and consistency with each and every appointment!
-Wax, Threading & Tweezing
-Hair Dye

Mrs.Vivian and her team are the best .I love my eyebrows. I also get the facials and lash lift and tint.

Rockin Granny's DIY'S

Loving my eyebrows ?..Vivian really takes her time to make you feel special! I felt very comfortable in her professional hands!!!

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